New Feature: (Windows) client should have network modes, accessable in taskbar

I miss a feature regarding the network configuration in the client:

There should be 3 modes available:

  • unlimited (full?)
  • medium
  • small

Instead of "unlimited", "automatic", "limited" at the moment.

But the main new feature should be:
These 3 modes shall be changeable via the taskbar icon of your system (right mouse button - menu).

Reason is, that sometimes, when syncing larger files to the server, the internet connection becomes very slow, sometimes, when the amount of synced data isn't that much, I want a fast update when syncing of new files.

So I want to control, if using full connection for Owncloud, slow or something in between.

The modes should be specified and configured in percent % of your internet connection.

  • unlimited default: 100%
  • medium default: 75%
  • small default: 25%

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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