New forum categories "Appliance" & "Docker"

I think we should have an additional categories for posts about problems with the appliance and docker installations.

Deployments with these technologies are just different to a standard installation and you have to consider different documentation about them.

This way they stand out better against the standard server issues and it would also be possible to show different templates when opening an issue.

So, what do you guys think?

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We can certainly try it and see how it goes.

I think @tom42 @alfredb @cs35 should have a say too. I just looked at the user list and picked out the non oC people who read the most and were active.


Hello everyone,

I think it’s a good idea, let’s hope people will chose the correct category :slight_smile:

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It is possible to move posts to the right category.

You are right though people will not chose the correct category, and it will be a little more moderation work.
But I don’t think it should be too much, and it hopefully would be beneficial enough to be worth it.

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i’m not sure if additional categories giving enough benefits. Only a few months ago Strip down amount of categories? was done because people where often overwhelmed by the huge amount of categories.

Maybe instead new tags for e.g. “docker” or “appliance” could be chosen instead?

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