New in ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.11: Drag and drop, folder actions, batch actions and a safer Docker image

The twelfth Tech Preview on ownCloud Infinite Scale packs cool new capabilities! When using Docker, ownCloud is now run using a non-root user, improving security. This is a breaking change for existing deployments.

As ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.11 packs ownCloud Web 4.1., users can now move files and folders around using drag and drop. Users can now access the side bar to the right without having selected a file or folder. If they do, they can access actions for the folder they are currently in. The sidebar to the right is now also available when multiple files or folders are selected to provide details about the selection.

Check out the new ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.11 Tech Preview release 4 and learn more about installing it. ownCloud Web is available as an extension for ownCloud 10 instances, with ownCloud Web 4.1 already available in the ownCloud Marketplace.