New install - need to change database, ETC

I just set up owncloud and clicked "Finish" too soon without setting the storage or database link.

I now need to do that. Being a Linux newbe, not sure what to do.

I opened the terminal on the server but not getting it right I guess.

please help.

Remove the /path/to/owncloud/config/config.php and you can redo the installation.

Thank you.

I am such a newbee, how do I do this?

Even newbies should be able to use a search engine: ->

I am not asking google. I am asking you. Could you elaborate on your answer please.

No, i won't elaborate on this answer as it contains all needed info.

IMHO you need to know and understand linux basics if you want to run software like ownCloud. Teaching you how to delete files (like the config.php as explained above) on linux is out of the scope of this forums. This is something you need to learn first by using google or by reading some tutorials / books on linux.

But to avoid misunderstandings, please clarify / explain what you're expeting with "could you elaborate on your answer" ?

There are many paths. Paths in config files and the system path, for example. Deleting a file is different to me.