New Install OC_Search Not Found

OS: Ubuntu 14
DB: MySql

After a fresh Installation of the newest version I get a wonderful white screen which I tracked to a 500 error. After reading the logs I found the following

"Class 'OC_Search' not found at \/var\/www\/html\/apps\/search_lucene\/appinfo\/
app.php#65", "level":3,"time":"2016-07-26T20:23:46+00:00",

I have been unable to find anything on the net in reference to this error other then you should change your .htaccess file. The file does not even exist on the new version. Thanks in advance.


this means the enabled app search_lucene is not compatible with your current running oC version.

Disable the app like described in and see if there is a compatible version of the app available. If not you need to wait until the app developer is releasing such a compatible version.