New option to allow/disallow visibility of files in publicly shared folders

I am a developer with little experience in php in general, and owncloud in particular. I've already created my own theme and now I'm trying to have a new feature where publicly shared album owners can decide whether its files can be viewed or not.

The reason they might want to have public albums not visible is so someone can upload files, but not see the rest of them nor download them.

I've been diving through the code but I get a bit lost. Any guides on how to achieve this will be greatly appreciated.
Using version 9.1.4 of owncloud.


Hi and welcome,

you might get some pointers at an existing feature request in [1] where currently implementation possibilities are discussed by a few developers.


Yes. Planned for 10.0.1. Would appreciate your help with it, as soon as you see 10.0 showing up ... if you really need it for 9.1.4 please send me an email.

Thanks @kljhlkhglklfgh, very useful.