New Owncloud Server

Hello there!

I am new to the whole owncloud thingy! I just want to move to a better storage than dropbox, i need more GB and more Bandwidth i guess!

So i am considering either a VPS or something like raspberry pi3

What do you recommend?

Hey @gmaister22,

for the start i would recommend to get a server somewhere and make sure you have command-line access to it. You will not have to punch a hole through the Firewall of your router. And it might be an easier start for a beginning.
If you already have linux experience - you might want to run ownCloud at home. (Depending on your bandwith also).
You could run it on any machine that runs linux. rasperry pi, bananapi, regular desktop or an older laptop computer will also do just fine.

If it's for your personal use and you sync most stuff at home, I would consider a solution at home. it's probably the cheapest solution, you can even use your own domain (with a dynamic dns service). If you have more people syncing, you still can move to a server in a professional datacenter.

it will be mainly for my business. Will be used by my managers to sync their computers and tablets to show product photos and pdfs to customers ( 3 tablets and 3 computers )

I really dont know what i should do

raspberry pi3 costs, 45 euro + micro sd card = over 60 euro
a VPS with 40gb space and 1tb bandwidth costs 20 euro / year

If most stuff is synced in the office, there is no problem about the RPi3. A few documents or photos are no problem. Your VPS seems to be very cheap so the performance is probably not much better than the RPI3 and there are perhaps other downsides.

If you have a computer running all or most of the time, you can run ownCloud on a VPS on a Desktop PC. So no additional hardware is required. Then you still can decide to buy a RPI3 or go for a VPS in a data center.

My desktop computer is online 24/7, but sadly owncloud server runs on linux only...i might consider Seafile

We prefer ownCloud :wink:

Have a look at VirtualBox, there are ready-to-go images for ownCloud:

edit: I'd rather use a Ubuntu 16.04 image for a new setup (php7 is much faster): (it's the same guy who provides the official images)