New PC Install MySQL Owncloud; Can I restore from previous Sqlite3 Install?

I have an install Ubuntu 18.04 running Owncloud 10.4.x with Sqlite3. This originally was a test install but ended up getting used aand their is about 70G of data with 11 users…

I am now able to upgrade to a better server and will install the OS and Owncloud to this new server. So a question is, if I install this new installation as a MySQL install can I use the previous install (Sqlite3) data folder and database and covert them to MySQL on this new Install.

I have tried converting on the existing server after installing MySQL and manually configuring the various config files as per the admin manual; But have been unsuccessful…

Advice is gladly accepted…


Brent Warkentin

Google says not without converting the export, but I’ve no experience with ths, sorry.

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