New phone: Reinstalling owncloud

I took an unexpected swim yesterday and my phone drowned. So now I’m installing a new phone, and I remembered that I want owncloud to automatically upload my pictures.

So I need to reinstall owncloud (app is already there because it was on the old phone). So it asks me for the “Server address https://…” so I type my servers address (http, local network only, or via VPN) an then I get “local copy could not be renamed; try a different name” . I really don’t know many ways of spelling my server’s name but all I tried end up with that message.

What now?

App is called “” and seems to be version 2.8.2 . Server is quite old. I am not into upgrading to stay recent. It used to work with my old phone.

When I try, it reports that the server cannot be reached. My phone has internet and can reach everything else. My phone can reach my internal owncloud server with the webbrowser.

Here you can download the latest version:

ocloud app 2.8.2 sounds like a third party vendor

In case you need older versions of the official ownCloud app, you can search the forum for links.

Hmmm. Seems i’ve been using some thirdparty lookalike.

The issue was that the“local copy could not be renamed; try a different name” message did not covey the actual meaning to me: “there is no owncloud server at that address, but something else”.

Please check with the official app and let us know. Thanks!!

Oh… I had come to the conclusion that I’d mis-entered the URL and just “done it right” this time.

But now I tested with wrong URLs too and the official app is much better.

TOFIX: when I enter a bad URL like http://myserver/akjsdflkj it immediately gives “server could not be contacted” when I hit the (too small IMHO) > button.

When I enter the wrong URL as I did before, the app gets the “You’ve successfully installed APACHE on Ubuntu” page and then takes like 30 seconds before it comes to that conclusion. During that time I was thinking: something wrong with DNS? can’t it reach the server? (I’m not near the server now, so via the VPN). To prevent this, consider adding more progress steps: Contacting server machine via indicated protocol: success. Attempting to contact owncloud server … . This is BESIDES the: If you get the ubuntu default message I think you can immediately determine that it isn’t going to work as with the 404 URL.

Just as a hint, clicking the cloud icon makes the same effect as the ‘>’ button.

Thanks for your tips, we work directly with the server responses, if we can differentiate them, we could handle different stages in the authentication process.