New .rbw container/installer file for Seagate Personal Cloud please?

Ok, newbie here nervously making his first post/request for assistance. So like other forum members, I own a Seagate Personal Cloud device which comes loaded with the owncloud server app. It’s default install version is 6.04. So I’m trying to manually update this to a much newer version (the latest) if possible.

I’m not familiar with SSHing into the device so the only way to do an upgrade is with a manual install file. And as others have previously noted, it need to be a .rbw file for the device to pick up and install.

I’ve noticed other members have had some success in doing this courtesy of custom made .rbw files created be Allan/abmac.

But none of his links work anymore so I’m unable to proceed. Is anyone able to host these files again or create newer versions (vs. 10 would be great!) into an rbw container that I could use. I’m sure many people could benefit if someone skilled in this would be willing to put the work in.

And while I can’t speak for anyone else, I would be sincerely grateful to them.

Liger M

Please I would also appreciate if someone publishes the file since it has not been possible to find it or obtain information on how to generate it … thanks

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