New problem

I'm moving servers and need some extra help on one small thing: permissions seem messed up with the ownCloudDataDirectory. I literally pulled the HDDs from my old server and put them in my new server and copied some things over. My data folder is on these HDDs that moved over; however, I've ran into other issues with the Apache version being different on Centos 7 from Centos6.

I'm currently getting the following error message:

Data directory (/Path/To/ownCloudDataDir/) not writable by ownCloud
Permissions can usually be fixed by giving the webserver write access to the root directory.

Here's my questions (all related to what the problem may be):

Question 1 - On the hard drives, when I do a ls -laZ, I get this:

drwxr-x---. apache apache unconfined_u:object_r:httpd_sys_content_t:s0 ownCloudDataDir

If I try to chown this with

chown -Rv apache:apache ownCloudDataDir

I get lots of ownwership retained messages in the output. Is the apache user on my old computer the same as the apache user on my new computer? Or do I need to change it to a 3rd party then back to apache on the new computer?

Question 2 - Or do you think the problem is related to the new "Require all granted" required in Apache 2.4.3+? Do I need to add something special to have apache see the ownCloudDataDir as accessable since it is outside of the normal document root?

I'll post more information if you need/want it, but I'm out of ideas. It doesn't look like permissions exactly...nor does it look like an SELinux problem. I also will reemphasize that these disks and this config were working in my old server...I physically moved the disks to the new computer, setup apache, mysql, and am here.

Turns out it was an SELinux issue. Making sure that the types were configured correctly got it working. gives a list of the correct types and directories.