New subfolders in shared folder aren't being synced

We are using owncloud to exchange files with our partner in another company. I have created a shared folder and asked them to copy their files in this folder.

Expected behaviour

When they upload something in this folder it will be automatically synced locally with owncloud client.

Actual behaviour

When they create a new subfolder in the shared folder, it get’s totally ignored and not synced locally. It appears in the browser, when I open owncloud, but not synced with the client.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Person A creates the folder XYZ and shares it with person B
  2. Person B creates a folder ABC in the shared folder XYZ and uploads files to it
  3. Person A is unable to sync the new files is ABC

Client configuration

Client version:
Operating system:
Windows 10
OS language:

When I manually add a folder sync to the new folder, it syncs it successfully. But this is not at all helping for our purpose. The newly created subfolders should be synced automatically, right?

What is the storage of the remote location? External storage?

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No it’s not. It’s a simple Owncloud shared folder

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