New Ubuntu VM on ESXI



Hope someone can help. I have a new Ubuntu OwnCloud VM running on ESXI. I need to check some details as root i.e. ip address etc.

I have tried the Admin/Password supplied in the installation instruction but these do not work. Does anyone know what the default root/admin password is set to?


Chris Johnson



there is no password for root needed. You can run:

sudo su

which gives you root.



thanks for the quick response; on the ESXI console screen I am prompted for U/N and P/W to log into Ubuntu. The https:// link on a browser just returns a blank screen so I cannot connect that way either.



Another issue I have encountered is no matter what link I use whether HTTPS:// or :80 I get a connection refused.

This is not turning out very well so far.



The login there is:


with the password shown in the output.



Thanks again but I am afraid, this is not virtual box but ESXI. The display is blank other than the login unlike VBox console where text and guidance is displayed.

I've tried the VMDK version and that is not recognised in ESXI.



Unlikely that VirtualBox and ESXI differs when showing this login window: