New uploads/changes to files are being deleted

Hi all,

I have an issue where newly uploaded files and or changes being made to files are being deleted and sent to “deleted files.”

I am not running out of space on my server and already checked that. I experienced this issue yesterday - Rebooted the Owncloud server only to find my 2nd drive where my data sits on was not mounted anymore. My OS drive mount point changed itself to where my data folder was - example:

OS drive mount point : /
2nd drive for data: /media/owncloud/data

After reboot:

OS drive mount point: /media/owncloud/data
2nd drive for data: unmounted so there it was not attached to the server

I had someone in our IT team more familiar with Ubuntu just change the mount point for the 2nd drive to its original location and everything fixed itself. I had users report back everything worked. Come this morning, same issue. As of right now, the 2nd drive looks okay but we are back to files being deleted.

Where should I start poking around to find out what’s going on?

Owncloud version
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Just as a follow up, I know that looking at the logs is helpful. I just saw that my log file is 220 GB in size so I’m downloading it right now - it’s going to take a while as that is a HUGE log file.

Only at 60 GB of 220 on the log file but noticed this:

I launched the Owncloud client and once it synced, it started deleting files as well. I think this may be related to the client.

This is the issue -

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