(Newbie Question) How does owncloud "see" the hard drives I have setup in my home server?

Hello, First time posting to the forum, and I am having trouble with understanding how owncloud is using the 4 500GB HDD’s in my home server.
For context, I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 Server, made it past the setup process of owncloud and uploading works after testing with a 6.9 GB Photos File.

My big question is that I don’t see where owncloud is using my HDD’s, as under the “General” tab it currently says “using 6.9 GB out of Unlimited.” This can’t be any of my hard drives, so where can I see how owncloud is using the hard drives?

**EDIT 1: ** Here is a link I found on moving the data directory.

Also look at whether you need to “mount” whatever drive you are planning to use, research using this: (it does talk specifically about RAID arrays, but research can be done using the same context) https://askubuntu.com/questions/973632/unable-to-mount-raid1-md0-wrong-fs-type-bad-option-bad-superblock-on-dev-md


from what i know ownCloud is using the disc space your operating system is providing to ownCloud on the “datadirectory” location specified within your config/config.php file.

Okay, looking at this, I have identified my hard drives and while looking up how to change the directory, I keep finding links to set up drives as external storage, would this be easier than manipulating the config/config.php file?


from what i know manipulating the config.php is not enough and you also need to modify settings in your data base:


If you’re loggin in as a “user” and dropping something into the main ‘files’ screen, then you are using the /data/user folder where owncloud/apacher(or whatever your webserver is) installed to.

i.e. if you os, and owncloud are installed on your main drive ( " C: ") that is 120gb, then you are uploading to a data folder /var/www/owncloud/data/user on that same drive.

if you have a raid array that you want to use instead…
you can either move the data folder there which is seems like a not too hard but tedious process…
mount the raid partition in your os, then attach it as either local storage (which works but permissions aren’t a pain… but an interesting work around)
mount the raid partition in you os, then attach it to Samba, FTP or etc and attach as external storage.

I’m currently trying to figure out the third option… worst case, i’ll go with option 1.

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