Newbie questions

Hi OwnCloud members,

I just deployed an CE on ubuntu and work well, want to have a few question please:

  1. What the difference between CE and enterprise? Cant find on your website, only Standard vs Enterprise
  2. Anyone can access public link sharing if they know the password, is there anyway to restrict for opening link with allowed email?
  3. Can MFA work with email verification code? or third party like DUO?


I use Duo authenticator with ownCloud.

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Hi pettra666,

  1. Enterprise is required when you are planning to use enterprise only apps (flagged ‘enterprise’ on the ownCloud Marketplace). Communtity and Standard both cannot use enterprise, the difference is support. The Standard edition includes Customer Support by ownCloud whereas the Community Support only offers support via this forum.

  2. I think in Enterprise this is possible by using the file firewall app. For Standard and Community this is not possible, AFAIK

  3. was already answered by LinkP

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Thank you Cortho and LinkP for your answer.

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