News app status?

Does anyone know why the news app was removed from the app store? Is it still actively developed?

Got it. They moved over. How lovely.

Where did they move over to?

Don't try to understand all this pointing back and forth. It's about the community.

If you use ownCloud 9.1, you can probably use the version of NC 10 from For ownCloud 9.0, you can directly download the release from github:

The maintainer of the news app moved to Nextcloud which mean they are not testing for ownCloud any more. At least for oC 9.0 and 9.1 there are very little changes that the app will work on both platforms. To get full support, it would need a news-app maintainer for ownCloud. Currently, most changes could just be copied, it's not sure how complicated it gets in the future.

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I had to use with my OC 9.1.7