Newsletter is in German language


Ever since the hack i’ve been receiving newsletter in German langauge instead of English.
I already set langauge in settings as english instead of “default”, yet only the forums is in English, but the newsletter is still in German. what am i missing?

i doubt the password was hacked as it was 128bit one. i’ve also changed it immediatelly when i read about the hack to an even stronger one.

Any ideas what is going on? How to resolve it?

Same thing here.I think it started a few days after the newsletter regarding the hack

We do not send a german newsletter. Could you specify which mails you are talking about?

I have the same thing with the summary that comes each day: Zusammenfassung für ownCloud Central I was able to change to English when I went to my profile on ownClooud Central, but that only changed the language when when I sign in. The daily summary still comes with German headings, although the messages are in English.

The change to German came shortly after the hack announcement.

This was related to a upgrade we did at the same time, which switched the default it seems. It should now be English again.

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Thank you. I have received one email that is now using English.

Thanks for your patience and for letting us know!

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