Nextcloud/bookmark app calles undefined methode


this line here part of the nextcloud/bookmark app runned under my owncloud 9.1 installation makes my owncloud fail. It says that this function is not defined. May this be something that is only available on Nextcloud? That would be strange. I always thought they would just take the owncloud core and don't modify it.

rgds Schabi


shortly after the fork Nextcloud introduced the first API break [1] for apps registering stuff at the admin backend followed by additional changes for 3rdparty apps in [2] and now your mentioned third problem in [3].

Something like this is causing:

  • Double of work for app developers if they want to keep compatibility with ownCloud and Nextcloud
  • App developer which can't handle this additional effort to choose sides between oC and Nc
  • the need of forking apps to make them compatible with oC again

IMHO this is one thing where Nc is trying to pull users on their side by introducing such incompatibilities / API breaks which makes it impossible for oC users using apps written for Nc.

Thats one of many reasons why i dislike the Nc project and why i would never move my installation to Nc.

If they wanted to keep app compatibility between oC and Nc they could have done this. Instead a community gets splitted and misused to taking sides between both.




There were some fixes on the owncloud version:

but it needs someone to backport more changes from upstream to this repo.