Nginx Owncloud 404 not found ERROR

Hi, im a bit of a newbie and just wanted to install owncloud for a IT Project (University) so on i installed it on a Linux Ubuntu Server 20.04 with nginx and used following tutorial

i did not want to use Lets Encrypt

Im using the newest Version of Nginx with following configuration in sites available

iv i head to IP/owncloud therse a nginx 404 Not Found Error

if you have any other questions for config options and so on just check the tutorial website which is linked at the start of the topic


What have you set your servername directive to?

I’m asking because I guess your virtual host setup for the IP in nginx is configured to only be available on a certain hostname.

You could test that by adding the IP and hostname (what’s set as servername in the nginx config file) in one line in your hosts file (depends your OS where that is) and then typing that servername as URL in the browser.

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I already fixed it just by using an apache Web Server

but still thanks for helping


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