No delete permission on folder and subfolders, how?


We are using the latest version of Owncloud (10.xx) and wanna setup a folder with 'no delete' permission that also affects any subfolder within. Is there a way to do this? Users can create but cannot delete anything in this folder and its subfolders.


You can create a folder and share it with whoever you want. Then adjust the permissions of the share, maybe without sharing and delete permissions. That should work for you.
Note that the owner of the share can still do whatever he wants with those files (deleting them, for example) because the files will be in his user space.

Another option could be to setup an external storage, but the permissions will be bound to those that the storage support for the account you want to acccess with.

I need the 'no delete' permission to be recursive.

For shares, the permissions apply from the share to the inside, same permissions for all of the files to the inside, so this case is recursive.

The external storage option will depend on the storage itself and how it's setup (the storage, not the ownCloud's configuration)

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Hm, this is indeed how it works, when you share a folder with users or a group. Do you have a different experience? If so, how can we reproduce it?