No e-tag present inconsistent or false positive

Expected behaviour

Files should transfer. Or, the error should be clear.

Actual behaviour

File transfers (or appears to transfer completely) but occasionally there is an error: "The server did not acknowledge the last chunk. (No e-tag was present)"

Steps to reproduce

Not sure. File is a 2.5GB zipped file with a lot of files containted in it including InstallShield cabs. But otherwise is unremarkable.

Server configuration

Ubuntu 16.04

Apache 2.4



ownCloud 9.1.5 (stable)

Client configuration

Client version: Version 2.3.1 (build 6824). Possibly other versions.

I see there are later minor versions but my client says "No updates available."

Operating system: Win 10

OS language: How do I find this? Here's the GIT info: Built from Git revision 433ba0 on Mar 21 2017, 12:25:40 using Qt 5.6.2, OpenSSL 1.0.2h 3 May 2016

Installation path of client: Default. C:\Users\user\ownCloud


  1. Client logfile:
    This is the line from when the error is produced:
    ||forUser/|INST_NEW|Up|1508184710||2703253988||2|The server did not acknowledge the last chunk. (No e-tag was present)|201|0|0|||INST_NONE|
    No error for this attempt:

  2. Web server error log: will add if needed.

  3. Server logfile: will add if needed.

Hey, I have found a similar post, with possible solutions posted there by anon

Hi Dimtry,

Thanks for your reply.

I think this is a case of the "catch all." But maybe I should submit a feature request to provide a more meaningful error.

This is not a webdav or javascript file descriptor issue for sure.

The only module I see in the list of known problems is mod_deflate. The link in the FAQ, however, seems to indicate a different error than "No e-tag." Although auth_basic is enabled I don't have it in my vhost.