No iPad-connection to a server with port-forwarding

I guess no bug but a problem

Steps to reproduce

  1. working Debian based server withe ownCloud
  2. try to connectan iPad with my server to get contacts and calendars to the iPad
  3. Message “No connection”

Expected behaviour

iOS should connect to the oC-server for contacts and calendars

Actual behaviour

iOS is not possible to connect

Server configuration

Debian 9 beyond a router with port forwarding for ownCloud
Web server:
Apache 2
PHP version:
ownCloud version:
Storage backend (external storage):


iOS version:
ownCloud app version:
v 1.3.2 - this app works fine, but ioS cannot connect to the ownCloud-Server
Device model:
iPad (7. gen.)


Web server error log

Insert your webserver log here

ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

Insert your ownCloud log here

Tell us what could be improved:

I have a little server for contacts, calendars and filesharing. Several years it works fine using Windows- or Linux-devices, but now I get with my iPad the message “No connection” trying to bring contacts or calendars to its iOS. I found no helpfully hints in this channel though I looked many times for a thread.

For internet the server is connected beyond my router. There is an URL like “” with port-forwarding managed by the router. Could the port or the port-forwarding block the iPad / iOS get connected to contacts and calendars?

Do you have hints or help? Thanks in advance

Maybe, I’ve got it.
Until now, I used the link builded in ownCloud for the calendar-address of my oC-server.
With the hints of this post I got a connection to my oC and the iPad-calendar filled up.

These two points seemed to be important:
The line with “Server” needs -->
For Description, enter BHICAL

After that a littlebit back, forward and save - then it works. :slightly_smiling_face: