No login via IOS app possible

HI all,

my problem is as follows. I have currently owncloud 10.4 on my raspberry running. So far everything works. I can access owncloud via e.g. Firefox and my old owncloud app. The strange thing is, which was triggered by an installation of one of the owncloud apps on a new device, i cannot log in. The app tells me that the URL is not correct. I do not even get to the field were i can enter username and password.

I did have the same issue with an old owncloud version which drove me to install a more up to date one - unfortunately no positive improvement.

I am completely lost as I do not have any clue where this error is coming from. I would appreciate any feedback / help regarding this topic. I do use Owncloud and Nginx – image is from Dietpi. Let me know any additional information you need to better judge about this problem.



@Lars76 Please mail the URL to ios-app<at> , then I could have a look…

Here you can find some general troubleshooting information:

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HI Michael,
url is raspberrypi.xxxxxxxxxxxx.​myfritz.​net:481 (generated by my fritzbox - only exchanged the middle part :_) => the url is working when using it in a browser and my old app (although the same app does not accept the url when trying to setup another account)

Also turned on the logging:
2020-06-07 14:48:47.418000+0200 ownCloud[2666:1301218] [info] | [LogIntro] Starting logging to /private/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/93B08299-08DD-4D0F-B984-2F652A433C2A/logs/com.owncloud.ios-app.log [OCLogFileWriter.m:102|FULL]
2020-06-07 14:48:47.419000+0200 ownCloud[2666:1301218] [info] | [LogIntro] Host: com.owncloud.ios-app 1.3.2 (158) #f5d5ff96; SDK: 1.0 (1) #629f413; OS: iOS 13.5; Device: iPad (iPad8,9); Localizations: [de-DE, de]; Log options: level=Debug, destinations=[“writer.stderr”, “writer.file”], options=[“option.log-requests-and-responses”], maskPrivateData=false [OCLogFileWriter.m:103|FULL]

A general question: is this issue coming from owncloud or maybe NGINX?

Can I provide more information?
thanks in advance

Hi Michael,

for whatever reason, it looks i found the issue. The domain was missing index.php at the end. Simply was playing around with the URL between app and browser. Hopefully this is the solution for all devices. Why is index.php necessary?

Nevertheless, many thanks!

index.php shouldn’t be necessary. I hope the service isn’t doing nasty stuff here. Did you send the full URL by mail?


It’s working :slight_smile: that’s the most important point.