No more ubuntu trusty LTS packages for owncloud?

Hit there,

it seems the ubuntu packages for 14.04 (LTS until April 2019) trusty disappeared from the owncloud rep server.

How to upgrade?

There are currently no repositories for 14.04. I can restore that easily, but it has little to no value to do so, Trusty has php 5.5.x , Owncloud X only supports PHP 5.6 or later, upcoming releases will require PHP 7.1.

ok thanks for the clarification.
So basicly no more security updates for Trusty/OC users.

I’m not sure but maybe you can install PHP 5.6 (or even better 7.1) on Trusty and just use the 16.04 repositories of ownCloud. From what i know the new owncloud-files package hasn’t any dependencies so you can just use it “as it is” on every Ubuntu release.