No OC-server update in CentOS 6-repo?

Hi all,

Who maintains the CentOS 6-repo at

My OC-server's in a situation where the updater-app in the GUI says v10.0.6 is available, but when I try to do the "sudo -u apache php ./occ upgrade"-dance on the command line I get "ownCloud is already latest version".

Please see attached screen dump.

This is kinda' weird.
What gives?

Hi there,

You could update via tar balls, 10.0.6 is available there.

You should wait for 10.0.7 though, it will come with a lot of great stuff and important fixes.


I prefer the streamlined simplicity of yum. :slight_smile:

Is 10.0.7 in the pipe now?

I can wait, no rush.

In any case, shouldn't the repos be maintained?

10.0.7 is coming soon.

They should be. But I don't know if you have noticed, but when 10.0.5 was out as a tar ball, many users in central reported to have issues with it, so 10.0.6 was released but had another issue in it. To avoid having many people having issues the repos are on the last stable version.

Actually I didn't!
Since my preferred way of updating is with yum, the new updates went completely unnoticed until just a few days ago.

Maybe it was for the better...

Ah, okay. Having the repos on last stable version makes a lot of sense. Thanks for enlightening me!

Sorry about the noise.

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No worries :slight_smile: Glad I could bring some light in to the matter

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Just a heads up, still lists only 10.0.4 for CentOS.

10.0.7 has been out a while now.

Should we wait some more, or is the recommended practice now to update via updater app in the admin gui of OC-server?

This here;, states manual upgrade first, second via package manager.

I bit the bullet and used the gui updater.
Seems to have worked fine so far.

The recommended upgrade is with the tar balls - manually.

This is the safest way, also it's the best way if something goes wrong.

I know, it's just more tedious than doing a "yum update". :slight_smile:


I suppose as soon as ownCloud has a really stable version it will be possible to update it via packages, until then you would have to update manually :slight_smile: