No setup wizard appear after first time install

Hi i am the new hand and first time install owncloud in my Raspberry. After complete the installation and browser inside the first time. it should have the first time setup wizard for me to create user. but no setup wizard appear and can’t create user for use. please help and where can get more info ? thanks


i don’t thin that there is a setup wizard after finishing the installation which allows to create users. From what i know you need to create the users from the admin backend which can be found in the upper right menu of your admin user.

after i browse the owncloud and only show up the login screen but no other menu on upper or lower bar. i don’t have any user to login since no user account let me to create before. is there any default admin user login for the 1st time login to create own user ?


ah i think you are looking for the Installation Wizard?

It looks to me that this should show up on the first browsing to the ownCloud page. If this isn’t showing up then i’m not sure why. :frowning_face:

From what i know ownCloud doesn’t have any default admin user login for a “normal” installation. Only if you are using the appliance there seems to be one:

But maybe the package maintainer of the Raspberry packages are configuring default credentials?

During the installation you should be running the occ maintenance:install which defines the admin user and password.

Otherwise it should be easy to use the occ user commands to create a new user and make it admin with the occ group:add-member command: