No Share icon for non Admin users

OC 9.1 on CENTOS 7 fully patched
Everything seems to work properly but Sharing is not available for new users
Existing User A
Create new user B
Create Group C
Make User A and user B members of Group C

New user B cannot share any folder/file because there is no share icon in the web UI
If I add User B to the admin group the share icon shows up for them.

Share api is on
Allow share via link is on
Share with Groups is on

I've not tried turning sharing off/on because I don't want to create a problem for other users who currently have files shared. I don't know if there existing shares setup will be lost.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


is User A able to share to User B?
Where are the files / shares located (external storage)?

User A also has no share icon either. Unless you are a member of the admin group you don’t get an option to share
all Storage is local on this instance

More testing:
Make both user A and B members of admin group
share icon is available to both users
User A shares a folder "SharedFromUserA"
User B shares a folder "SharedFromUserB"

Both users see the shared folders from each other

Remove User B from admin

User B Still sees shared FromUserA but loses the share icon
User A still sees "SharedFromUserB"

Remove User A from admin group
User A loses share icon
shared folders dissapear from both Users

Please report a new bug to

Thanks, I had initially reported it as a bug but they sent me over to post it here.
Should i go back to GitHub and reference this post?


you had posted that at the documentation issue tracker which was the wrong place :slight_smile:

After the questions above this looks like a bug to me and the issue tracker at "core" is the place to report this