No sync for 2 months now the server version has overwritten the local one

Hi Boys and Girls.

I have a customer who I look after every now and again. They have a windows server that syncs several directories to an owncloud server for offsite back. When I did some work for them last week I spotted that owncloud was not syncing, it looks like the password had changed, I fixed it and left one of the folder syncs running but (fortunately) paused some others.

The following day I get a call to tell me that lots of files have reverted to versions from 2 months ago. Upon investigation it would appear that for some files (~90 off) owncloud has renamed the local copy as “conflicted” and has downloaded the server copy from 2 months ago.

I would have expected that files which have changed locally, but which have not changed remotely would have been uploaded from local to remote. I guess this means that the server thought that both copies had changed but given that there is only 1 client syncing to this server I don’t know why that would be.

So I guess I have 3 questions if someone is able to help…

  1. Why would this have happened?
  2. How do I prevent it happening for the remaining folder sync connections?
  3. Is there an easy way to revert the local files or am I going to have to manually delete / rename 90 files?

Can anyone help? I have about 750gb of data that still needs to sync but I’m scared to in case it causes more problems.

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I have the same problem. There should be a setting/toggle to set it so local supperseeds cloud.

Hey Steve, I kind of agree, a force always upload, always down or auto button would be handy however my concern here is that this is the only device that uploads so, how on earth am I in a situation where the system has decided that both ends have changed. The only thing I can think is that a file system check or date / time discrepancy or something similar has make the server copy look like it’s changed when the file it’s self has not.

I’d really like to know though so that I can check before syncing the rest so that I can head off the same problem happening again.

Very much the same, I only have one device (laptop). I want to be asked by the client app what I wish to do when something does not match.

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