No synchronization. OwnCloud only as backup, no duplicate files in client



There is a way to use my local OwnCloud server only to use as backup files? I mean, when you install the client in the pc or device, it create a folder/directory an cloned (synchronize) that folder in the server, that is what I don't want, I need use OwnCloud as a backup server without synchronization feature, because in many devices the problem is the storage limit, let's suppose, I have a smartphone with 4GB in primary storage, I need to backup some files (photos, videos, whatever). If I install the owncloud app, that create a directory and when I "upload" a file, that stay in that directory, and in the original directory path, that is duplicating the files, and consume more storage, I mean, if you want upload 2GB to owncloud, you will have 2GB of duplicated files in your device because OwnCloud copy the file in that directory to syncronize with the server, well, that's the problem, I don't want to duplicate in my device storage, I just need to upload files in my local OwnCloud server without have a "COPY" duplicated in the OwnCloud client directory to synchronize (in this case my smartphone).

Resume: Store file only in OwnCloud server without synchronization feature, just upload, and don't leave a copy to synchronization, prevent use device storage.

There is a way to do that?



Actually, ownCloud itself is no backup solution:

I'm not sure the case you are describing is really backup. I mean, I use ownCloud to keep files synced between different devices. But not each device has all files synced, only the once which are needed there. Photos are synced to ownCloud, at some point I delete them from the mobile device. Sure, I have data on different devices, so a broken/lost/stolen device doesn't mean that I lose my data. But there are other reasons that could destroy your data and all your sync device, so you must backup your data separately to avoid data loss.