No wizard after starting the appliance


I’m total newbie with server products.

I tried to use the appliance pakage to creat my home cloud, but the wizard installer does not start to help me.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Virtual Box 7.0.4 Windows hosts
  2. Import VM Appliance ova in virtual box
  3. Start appliance → only black screen appear

Expected behaviour

The wizard installer does not appear.

Actual behaviour

The VM start, but the screen remain black, there is no wizard.

Please, what do I need to do ?

Thank you for help !

That appears to be a Univention UCS 4.4 virtual machine. The Univention forums may be a better resource.

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Thank you.

On Univention help, the package for UCS with owncloud is the same thate on ownlcoud: uCS 4.4. But seams that 4.4 is not compatible with windows 11 22h2… only UCS 5 is compatible with 22h2 :frowning:

So, my problem will not be easy to solve, for a newbie like me.

So long.

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