Noip & Owncloud 9 port fortwarding?

Got a problem, I've been trying to connect Owncloud 9, to noip. NoIP said:

Port Forwarding

You will need to port forward your router in order to connect to owncloud from outside your network.

Follow these steps to find your default port:

Log in to your owncloud device
Click Network/Advanced
Copy the number listed in the Port/HTTP field

Follow the steps in this guide to port forward your d-link router using the default ports listed above.

I couldn't find "Network/Advanced anywhere, so I'm assuming noip's data is outdated. Does anyone know how to find this? Or can Owncloud work with noip?


You will probably have to pinch a hole for ports 443 and 80 through your router.
Your Router should be configurable somewhere. Please check for information about this with your router manufacturer.
This is a security risk and should be done carefully

Thank you for the alert. There isn't any real risk data on it. It's basically to give me a place to send and receive files while I'm in college this coming Jan.

But would the risk be to others (say someone installing a botnet/rootkit?) or just risk to my files?

Also should I get another router then? Which would you recommend that's more secure? I'm almost clueless when it comes to networking.

If you just open the port, anyone can access your device behind your router. In general you would secure your setup that not anyone can just login. If someone manages to hack into your ownCloud server, there is a potential risk that he has access to other parts of your network as well or installs whatever he wants.

Separate routers can help to contain such a setup (some routers even provide setting up different networks).

Some routers allow you to login to your network via VPN, so that your ownCloud server is only accessible via this VPN. Then you more or less trust that the VPN function was properly integrated into your router.