Non-proprietary users are unable to create / modify events on the shared calendar

non-proprietary users are unable to create / modify events on the shared calendar

steps to reproduce

  1. with user A create a calendar

  2. share the calendar to LDAP user B

  3. User A can see 2 time the shared calendar line to User B (the first one with write permission and se second without; in the table oc_dav_shares we can find 2 record one with access = 2 and resourceid = display name the other with access=3 and resource id = user id)

  4. User B cannot delete add or modify events

We also opened it at github ... but no response at all

Any ideas about that?


Github is the right place for this issue. Please be aware that apps like calendar and contacts are community driven. Nobody is offering 24x7 support

Good that the github issue already exists, than anyone who has valuable information on this can go right there. Please be patient - if right now nobody answers there, then maybe because nobody else had the same problem, or the time and skills to dive deeper into it.

I still will leave this topic open though, so the issue has some attention on central too. People should of course answer on github, if they have information on this, but if this isn't possible for some reason, they should be able to answer here, too.

closed without giving the possibility to give an answer ... yeah ... good work

well - I have no answer - all I can tell is that this needs to be sorted out with the devs on github.

if there is anything I can do for help you finding the issue, please inform.

yes, i'll do things like serving logs, details, do deep debugging and even would do a session togehter on my system using teamviewer, webex, etc.