Noob question - please help me edit my config.php file

Hello. I have installed Owncloud on my mac mini via docker. I need to add the following line to my config.php file:

‘files_external_allow_create_new_local’ => ‘true’,

I believe that the file should be located here:


But for the life of my using the terminal app on my mac I can’t find/open/edit the file?

Would someone be so kind as to share the step-by-step using terminal (or something else if I should be using that instead) to edit the file?


If you are using the official docker containers:
In your docker environment pass the variable OWNCLOUD_FILES_EXTERNAL_ALLOW_NEW_LOCAL with the new value to your ownCloud container.
Done :wink:

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Awesome. Success! I now have the “Local” option showing under enable external storage. But I don’t know what to put in the Configuration section. I’m still getting the red square so ownCloud is not connecting to the drive.

I’m on a mac and I’ve put "/Volumes/[drivename]/ in the configuration field but it doesn’t seem to work. What should I put there?

Oh. also FYI. I just changed the config.php file. I didn’t create a new ownCloud container (I don’t think).

Depending on how your container is configured, this change might not be persistent, make sure it is written into a volume somewhere.
Also your config.php is sacred no matter where you run your ownCloud, keep a backup of it.

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