Not able to modify documents despite having the rights

My coworker has created a folder on owncloud and added several excel sheets. He has given me the rights to change them etc. However, I cannot make any changes to the documents.
He has sent me a screenshot to show that I have all rights, but still I cannot do anything except view them.
How can we solve this issue?

Thank you and all best!

Can you share the screen shot with us?


I only show parts of it here due to data protection.

You should be able to access the files and edit them.

I just tested it myself and this is a core feature of ownCloud. I would say something is wrong with your ownCloud.

can you download the documents?

Can you edit them online?

What editor do you use?

I access ownCloud via the browser and log in.
I can download the documents, but I cannot edit them online.
What do you mean by Editor? I have Office installed on my pc.

Thank you for helping me.
Sharing documents and working on them in ownCloud is why we use ownCloud.

Are you a normal user in ownCloud or are you a Guest User?

Editor = what apps can you access in ownCloud. There are simple text editor apps or full office suits like collabora or onlyoffice. To edit the document online you need an app. If it’s just a .txt file - a text editor will do. If it’s a .docx file - you need an office app.

I am a normal user and I use onlyoffice.

Can you give me a test account to your cloud?