Not enough free space, you are uploading * KB but only 0 B is left

I am extremely new with this platform and yes I have searched already. Basically this is just another Not enough free space, you are uploading * KB but only 0 B is left issue and I really cant find the answer.

First of all, I am not using a dedicated server or OS. I uploaded this with a shared host specifically using CPANEL. Some forums I searched needs to have terminal and must type their command.
I cannot do that since I am on cpanel

Steps to reproduce
1.Upload owncloud files to cpanel
2.created database and user
3. install by going to

Expected behaviour
a fresh installed owncloud and can upload files

Actual behaviour
a fresh installed owncloud. A message "Not enough free space, you are uploading * KB but only 0 B is left" appears when I try to drag and dropt a file

Server configuration
Operating system: Unix
Web server: cpanel
Database: mysql
PHP version: 5.5
ownCloud version 9.1:
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: fresh install

Please verify the QUOTA in the admin's USERS page, for your specific user. If there wont be answer for you, we might look closer to the issue, since it is not a recommended instalation you did.

Thank you for your reply.

Quota is set to unlimited

What is the recommended installation?

It is also available on softaculous.
It is also available using php script from owncloud website where you put the php file inside your webhost and it will download the files.

All same issues.

If you are going to take a look, do I have to pay?

There were similar problems on shared hosters, where the function which determines free storage didn't work properly due to the configuration of the server. Could be that cpanel is doing the same thing...

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@pipoy I think the issue avoce is exactly your case.

Thanks for the inputs.

The issue above is version 7.
Does not apply on ver 9

so I decided to install 7 instead.

Now I am encountering permission issue saying that I have no permission to upload files.
I looked anywhere regarding any configuration but I cannot find any


Keep in mind that OC 7.0 is not supported any more. OC 8.0 will be dropped soon.

@pipoy, the permission issue is also related to the fact that you are using cpanel. Could you find a way to have an access to the terminal of your running instance?

Yes I am aware but I cannot proceed with the original issue if I use above 7.
Will think about this.

@mrow4aThank you. Probably open a ticket to my webhosting.
But what should I say?

It says on the thread you shared that the owner of the owncloud should be the same user as the one who is running cpanel? Probably I can ask if they can chown. But I was wondering if this is safe for us?