Notification about updates via mail?


how can I setup a notification via mail for new Owncloud updates? I like to receive an email if a new OWC Update is available for my installation. But I can’t find any option/market addon to do this.

Any ideas? Is there a build in function or an addon?

Notifications app for ownCloud 10.0.8 includes notifications via email. By default it will only send notifications that require you to perform some action, so update notifications won’t be sent via email, but you can configure it on personal basis.

Note that your installation must be able to send emails, and your user must have an email configured.

But I have to perfom “an action” to Update my owc?

I’d like to get an mail that an update is available, not that an update was performed by someone

Some notifications have “accept” / “decline” actions, such as the ones for the federated sharing (there might be others). Those are the ones that will trigger email by default.
Update notifications don’t have these actions. It’s just a “you have an update” kind of notification. You can configure the feature to send all notifications via email, which would send these ones also, so you can receive the update notification via email.

Note that you (or anyone) will need to perform the update manually.

Thx. I’ll give it a try