Notification of file changes

How do I setup the OwnCloud that’s on my server so that it emails users when a new file has been uploaded or changed?

Went through the manual on this and found that the settings for ‘Activity’ is where it’s supposed to allow you to do this but it’s not working for me.
I have basically everything checked to notify via email yet nothing is happening when I test this feature out (adding a file, deleting a file, etc.).

Hi zamboknee,

  • First make sure, your email configuration is working at all, “to test your email configuration, save your email address in your personal settings and then use the Send email button in the Email Server section of the Admin settings page.”, see Email Configuration :: ownCloud Documentation
    Also make sure that email addresses are set for all affected users.
  • Second make sure cron is configured correctly, Background Jobs :: ownCloud Documentation
  • And finally review your Activity settings (see The Activity App :: ownCloud Documentation). Make sure Mail is checked for the desired events and double check, how often emails should be sent (e.g. Hourly)

Having all the three steps configured correctly cron will pick up the activities and send activity emails.

Of course you’ll have to perform noticable actions, so e.g. upload, move and/or delete some files for testing purposes.

email is working properly (i received the test email).
I THINK I have cron configured right (see screenshot)
I have Mail checked for everything in ‘Activity Settings.’

However, I’m not received any email notifications. Just getting the notifications in the top right of my macbook pro.

Your cron is not working. Since you did not write anything about your system I cannot provide specific help (that’s why there was the issue template, which you decided not to fill out).

Unless the cron box is not green your cron is not working.

Double check your settings with the documentation and make sure you replace www-data with the correct user, if www-data is not your webserver user.

Thanks @cortho . I didn’t fill the template out because there was no bug to report. I figured this was just a basic ‘how to,’ question.
Will work on the cron stuff.

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