oAuth valid token time

I run latest stable owncloud and desktop client. Since update to 10.7 my linux desktop wants to refresh oauth every hour. It opens browser and asks me to authorize.

Is there somewhere a setting where one can configure how long authorization token is valid?

access_token expires every 1h, this is hardcoded:

But this shouldn’t be a problem. A refresh_token should be used to create a new access_token for the desktop client.

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There must be something wrong with my refresh token cause the new access token wont be created. I have to enter the password every hour.

BTW, is there a stetting that says how often a refesh may happen? Or will access token be renewed for ever?

refresh_token can only be used once. Every hour, you get a new access_token and a new refresh_token. access_token is used in every request. refresh_token is used again after the access_token expires.

Request URL:

POST /index.php/apps/oauth2/api/v1/token

Request body:

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