Oauth2 400 bad request

I’m trying to implement duo as a TFA. Everything works fine from the desktop but I can’t get past Oauth2 on my iphone. I enter the account information and continue. I get a dialog that says “ownCloud Wants to Use to Sign In. This allows the app and website to share information about you.” I hit Continue and immediately a browser window pops up with a “400 Bad Request.” I copied the link from the browser window:

I’m fairly new to this so if I’ve just revealed something in that URL that will allow you to destroy my life please don’t.

Once I uninstall Oauth2 and Duo from owncloud I can sign right in on my phone. While I know it is annoying for the relatively uninitiated such as myself to post on these boards if there is a resolution please give it to me as simply as possible. I will pay it forward the next time someone asks me about music theory.


If you found a bug:


Steps to reproduce

  1. Configure owncloud on iphone
  2. Attempt to login while Oauth2 is installed on owncloud

Expected behaviour

The login and setup should complete on my phone with TFA enabled

Actual behaviour

400 Bad Request

Server configuration

ownCloud version:


iOS version: 14.4

ownCloud app version: 11.5.2

Did you install all the required modules?

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I’m assuming Xigmanas isn’t using Apache so mod_rewrite and mod_headers are out. I installed a redis server, enabled it and started the service, but I can’t figure out how to install the php-redis extension. My PHP version is 7.4.16. I tried “pkg install php-redis” but that didn’t work. Suggestions welcome.