Oauth2 login error: "Anfrage nicht gültig"

When setting up OIDC with OC “” Enterprise, I get the following error during the browser call for authentication of the desktop client Version 2.9.2:

Anfrage nicht gültig
Diese Anfrage ist nicht gültig. Bitte kontaktiere den Administrator von “Desktop”, wenn der Fehler weiterhin erscheint."

Any ideas how to debug this? Do I have wrong client secrets here? The log shows:

{"reqId":"Yh0sFOPMeoJNiwALGVBneAAAAAY","level":3,"time":"February 28, 2022 20:09:57","remoteAddr":"","user":"
thommie4","app":"no app in context","method":"GET","url":"\/index.php\/apps\/oauth2\/authorize?response_type=code&client_id
elect_account%20consent&state=IQxuBRFxx1Iy8qMb8ldMOwf7eaRL9zUMOsbrQuDHh3U%3D","message":"Invalid OAuth request with invalid
redirect_uri: http:\/\/localhost:41375 !== http:\/\/"}

I dont understand the ““Invalid OAuth request with invalid redirect_uri: http://localhost:41375 !==”}” The registered clients are:

root@app3:/var/www/owncloud# sudo -u www-data php occ oauth2:list-clients
  - Android:
    - name: Android
    - redirect-url: oc://android.owncloud.com
    - client-id: yPqBE9mUGqis02QNpcFInYG9uReRQieclurlLMfHJyynzK5YlueAE6mdJmkguqEu
    - client-secret: Oc3OKADBS1NmzgPzYxpvDZGPjKXSAtbwpxyCPcF9Dosjsccs0Fes926zFlL6zJdn
    - allow-sub-domains: false
    - trusted: false
  - iOS:
    - name: iOS
    - redirect-url: oc://ios.owncloud.com
    - client-id: BXjNwPvDiSBy8YZV5Kn5GEVbkPkBC2ALpAL4A17expXrcX9HnXinIcVJzvVplppi
    - client-secret: creRskCWIF8FXYBFObYhrttjtBDvt7C6RBI1NPjqwQWm5bDvDLkW7gtNxUySeyIK
    - allow-sub-domains: false
    - trusted: false
  - Desktop:
    - name: Desktop
    - redirect-url:
    - client-id: xdXOt13JKxym1B1QcEncf2XDkLAexMBFwiT9j6EfhhHFJhs2KM9jbjTmf8JBXE69
    - client-secret: UBntmLjC2yYCeHwsyj73Uwo9TAaecAetRwMw0xYcvNL9yRdLSUi0hUAHfvCHFeFh
    - allow-sub-domains: false
    - trusted: false

The redirect URL is and this should be correct accoridng to
OpenID Connect (OIDC) :: ownCloud Documentation
and Open Authentication (OAuth2) :: ownCloud Documentation

A second OC test setup works fine, but with this instance here, I have a problem.

I might be wrong, but AFAIR, all this stuff requires https-connections.

yes, true, but all of this is already https as the app server operates behind a load balancer (haproxy) which delivers the https certs. The redirect URL ist the one from the official docs.

Redirect URI in ownCloud 10 OAuth 2.0 app is http://localhost:*:

You shouldn’t change this!!

When using OpenID Connect, the ownCloud desktop sync client uses (after positive check for /.well-known/openid-configuration)

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