OC 10.0.10, problem setting the local storage mount point

Installed the latest OC on a web host (a new installation, not update). Been running OC (8.x) on the same host before without problems, but now I’m having problems defining the local storage mount point. I always get the “red box”, no matter how I define the path. What would be the correct way of defining the mount point? Absolute or relative path? Previously I’ve used absolute path without problems, but now for some reason I cannot get any path to actually work.

You need to activate that option in your config.php:

'files_external_allow_create_new_local' => false,

Set this to true


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I have done that, but the path I give in the settings does not work. I always get the “red square” instead of “green dot” :confused:

Just tried. I can enter under path / and the configuration is valid. I can browse trough my system.

It’s strange that it is not working on your side.

Can you tell me how you installed ownCloud?

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