OC 10.1.0 on Ubuntu 18.04


Is there a blacklist folder feature for external storage?


I’m trying to exclude the DfsrPrivate folder as that is the main culprit and the reason why this is not working.


I’m not aware of that feature. You can try to use the hidden attribute in the DfsPrivate folder if possible, but it might affect other system that might be connected to the system.


Thanks for your reply.
You mean set the Hidden attribute on the folder? Since this is production I don’t think I can make that change now, are you saying anything with a hidden attribute will not be scanned by SMB External Storage?


Yes. Files and folders with the hidden attribute set will be treated as non-readable, so they won’t be shown. It might get accidentally scanned if someone access to the folder directly, but this is unlikely because, as said, the folder won’t be shown neither in the web UI nor the clients.
Not that, as far as I know, changing the file attributes won’t change the mtime of the folder. You’ll likely need to force an additional change on the parent folder in order to change the mtime so ownCloud can scan the folder and update the permissions.


Thanks for that,
I need to investigate a bit more still.
The DfsrPrivate folder will only show if the view system files is on in windows explorer, it appears to show as a shortcut when I try to view it, but it is a junction to System Volume Information which is owned by SYSTEM. Doesn’t this mean it’s already hidden?

D:\StudentShare>dir /ah
 Volume in drive D is Data
 Volume Serial Number is B885-3DB6

 Directory of D:\StudentShare

22/10/2018  10:10 AM            18,436 .DS_Store
01/10/2017  07:22 PM    <DIR>          .TemporaryItems
21/07/2013  05:21 PM    <JUNCTION>     DfsrPrivate [D:\System Volume Information\DFSR\Private\{63704702-175D-4424-A923-3F62A176C920}-{E82863D5-0258-4B31-88BA-B3385F0A59B5}]
08/03/2017  01:04 PM           100,864 Thumbs.db


Better check it with smbclient in the same machine where ownCloud is running.

  New folder                          D        0  Tue Dec 18 13:24:14 2018
  New Text Document.txt              AH     1036  Thu Jan 24 14:05:33 2019
  ownCloud Manual.pdf                 A  4916139  Tue Jan 15 11:14:49 2019

It should show with the “H”

It might happen that the DFS server makes the file visible to ownCloud, so maybe you should also check the visibility shown in the DFS server


I have been meaning to reply with a success story, but wasn’t the case still…

When I mount it under the owncloud test server I can’t actually see the contents but it does show hidden

smb: \> dir 
  .                                   D        0  Tue May 14 10:38:38 2019
  ..                                  D        0  Tue May 14 10:38:38 2019
  .DS_Store                          AH    18436  Mon Oct 22 11:10:39 2018
  .TemporaryItems                    DH        0  Sun Oct  1 20:22:42 2017
  1 to 1 Files                        D        0  Tue Apr  2 10:49:16 2019
  Design Process Art.jpg              A    38542  Tue Mar 21 13:24:57 2017
  DfsrPrivate                       DHS        0  Sun Jul 21 17:27:03 2013

So the only way for this to work is to add RX to the DFSR\Private\GUID folder

The strange thing is yesterday I added RX for my staff account yet it was still inaccessible on the owncloud test server.
I spun up another VM mounted the share, all good, installed owncloud and for the first time I can see the contents and everything is working.

Today however, that new VM cannot see the share again. I check the permissions and they have magically disappeared… I added myself again and will check again tomorrow