OC 10: hash value missing using OC 10 as auth provider through PDO

I have a SQL/PDO sequence which requests credentials from the OC database for authentication of users in a dokuwiki installation. The statement worked fine on OC 9 and needed some changes for OC 10 due to changes in the database structure.

Now on OC 10, I have to change the statement to get the hash value, currently I only get "NULL" with the old " substr(oc_authtoken.password, 3) as 'hash' . Can someone give me an idea where the hash value for the user is actually stored? I don't see it in oc_authtoken, oc_preferences, oc_credentials ...

The current statement for OC 10:

SELECT oc_accounts.user_id as 'user', oc_accounts.display_name as 'name', oc_accounts.email as 'mail', substr(oc_authtoken.password, 3) as 'hash' FROM oc_accounts LEFT JOIN oc_authtoken ON oc_accounts.user_id=oc_authtoken.uid WHERE oc_accounts.user_id LIKE 'xxxx'

Thanks, Thommie

Sorry for that, but phpmyadmin filtered those tables which have the info (oc_users). I will manage that myself :wink:.

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