OC 10 missing apps and Ownnote

Hello - I am newer to OC so please excuse me if I miss some finer points. Everything was working so well for me and it seems progress has made this whole suite entirely unusable for me

Have installed numerous instances of OC 9 with various apps via cPanel with my hosting provider. I have used various apps depending on the application.

I have never been able to successfully install OC manually however have had great success since finding the setup-owncloud.php installer. Only down side is that by default it installs the latest version of OC.

Recently, using this installer I noticed I that I lost any reference to apps management. I discovered after much frustration that OC 10 doesn't seem to support apps - or at least the one I depend on most for my catalogs - Ownnote.

I can't imagine why developers would remove this functionality. Something I wish I understood.

Here you can see the applications menu compared in my installs of OC 9 and 10.

Is anyone able to recommend a method to install ownnote on to OC 10 or a way to modify my php installer to reference and load version 9? This is way over my head and I'm at a loss.

You are missing the Market app. Please check your logs, or errors ( integrity check )

Although, I checked, and ownNote is not in the market app. You could install it manually from the store - https://apps.owncloud.com/content/show.php/ownNote?content=174816

The developer of this app, has not yet released it for owncloud 10. Maybe you will have to wait or install a older version of owncloud.

Here is a link to our documentary, with a 9.1 repo.


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