OC 4.5.3.Q05 on QNAP - unable to see events on phone calendar

Hi to all, I’m writing this post because recently my phone calendar had lost all the events and I caan’t find a solution to resolve this problem.
I try to explain what happened…
I’ve installed OC on my QNAP TS-213+ about 5 years ago to centralize my calendar and my address book without using google & C servers…in that way I can save my address book on the NAS using CARDAV server and - most important for me - I can sync my calendar between my phone and my PC (thunderbird + lightning) using CALDAV server provided by OC.
All had worked fine until 1 week ago (I suppose after a recent update of various android apps), but recently all the events in my phone calendar had disappeared without any reason (on my PC and my Nas all is working fine!).
Actually the strange thing is that if I save an event an my phone (using only my shared CALDAV calendar on the list of available calendars), this event remain on my “empty” calendar until I syncronize CALDAV client to server…after doing it, the event disappears from phone’s calendar but it appears on NAS’s calendar (and in thunderbird’s calendar if I syncronize my pc!).
I’ve tried all possible solutions to my phone (samsung A7 where I use aCalendar app + actually Davx5 CALDAV client or in alternative Caldav-Sync-free client):

  • installed or used other calendar app (google calendar and samsung calendar) … no events visible
  • cleared data and cache of all the apps, included system apps called “google calendar - sync” and “memorizzazione in calendario” => i don’t know the translation of this system app)
  • rebooted every times my phone
  • installed open tasts app (requested by Davx5)
  • giveded all the permits to the apps used by calendar and Caldav clients

On samsung community forum someone had written to me that the problem is probably on my server configuration (that is the same and works fine from 5 years!!!), so I don’t know how to resolve this big problem for me.

Is there Anyone that can advise me to try some other tests or config changes and see if the problem can be resolved?
Thanks in advance for Your help.


it seems ownCloud 4.5.3 was released nearly seven years ago. Maybe some of the updated apps are now incompatible with such an heavily outdated ownCloud version?

I’m not sure how many users you can find having experiences with such an old ownCloud version. If you don’t get any additional advises then i think it could make sense to start from scratch with a more recent ownCloud version like the recently released 10.3.0.

Hallo Tom42 and thank You so much for your reply.
I supposed that the problem can be connected ti this old version, but I’m waiting to change my OC installation on QNAP NAS because I can’t find an easy way to install it on my NAS (the installation of version 4.5.3 was too difficult, with various modify to configuration of my NAS).
Do You know if I can find an OC version full compatible with QNAP (or in alternative a complete guide to install it)?
An also…what is the latest version of OC full compatible with QNAP NAS?

I use OC only to share contact list and calendar events from phone to NAS…I’m not interested to other functions of OC at the moment.

Thank You in advance…bye


unfortunately i’m not familiar with QNAP NAS devices. :confused:

I think the challenge is probably to get a new PHP version 7.1 and above (7.3 preferred) as it seems PHP 5.6 support was dropped in ownCloud 10.2.0:


and further deprecation of PHP 7.0 is also planned:


Hi Tom,
I’ve tried to see if it’s possibile to make what You suggested but, after a long research, I’ve understood that a newer version of OC can’t be installed on my NAS (TS-231+, dual core 1,4 + 1gb RAM).
QNAP offers packages to install OC 10.x on QNAP NAS, but i can’t find the package for my NAS, so I suppose that my NAS doesn’t support it (maybe for hardware limitation).
At the moment it seems that I can’t use CALDAV protocol on my NAS because there isn’t any software to use it …or it’s impossible to install on the NAS any software for some limitation of QNAP OS.
Probably I will not buy in future any other product of QNAP…
Thank You for Your help
Bye bye