OC 9.1.4 - Switch off TOTP?


some weeks ago I tried to switch on two factor authentication for the admin account.
The problem was: none of the TOTP-Apps i tried to scan the OCR-Code with recognized a proper code in it.
So I stopped experimenting with that and logged off.

Today I tried to log in again and get asked for the second factor. But I never set this up.

My question: I have full access to the files as I have ftp access to my webspace.
Is there a possibility to switch off the TOTP thing?

Thank you!

There is a FAQ available here [1] which might help here.


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Disabling by deleting the app folder

The third alternative is to just delete the folder of the app in:


This is a really dirty trick. :smile:
But it did it.

Thanks a million!

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