OC Client 2.4.x issue with syncing "desktop.ini" file


It seems there is an issue with syncing the hidden desktop.ini File using the current 2.4.0 or newer 2.4.1 Version of the Windows owncloud client software. During a couple of years we´re still using the same customized "sync-exclude.lst" file in the installation dir to prevent the desktop.ini from getting ignored.

The reason is, beause we are using a third party software called "Folder Marker" to colorize several Folders in sync directory itself.

I also checked the setting "sync hidden files" in OC Client, which worked so far, but not now.

Seems that the filetype is ignored by a hardcoded setting in the program itself?



could you post your special "sync-exclude.Lst" ?

what is the location of the special "sync-exclude.Lst" ?


I just compared our recently used 2.2.x version with the 2.4.x:

The first text block of the default sync-exclude.lst file in 2.2.4 for example:


In comparision the same text part of the 2.4.1:

System Volume Information

As you see, there is no desktop.ini entry in the current version by default, and can´t be found in the other part of the file. What we did so far, was to delete the desktop.ini line from the file and those files had beend synced successfully.

Our custom sync-exclude, which is used since version 1.6.3 (located in the default location ProgramFiles(x86)\ownCloud:












As for now, they are hard coded to ignore .ini files.

In a discussion ownCloud's mobile team has to decide if they want to keep this that way or if they will make it possible for the user to decide what files to ignore.


Thanks for the information. As for now, the only solution might be to downgrade our clients to the recently used and to prevent auto-update.

Otherwise I haven´t found any other solution to mark or colorize Folders. Every program uses the system based desktop.ini and sets the file/folder attribute to Type "System".


Hi, this might be relevant


Thanks, as I see clearly on the source code, that filetype is silently excluded

/* Other builtin excludes */
assert_int_equal(check_file_traversal("foo/Desktop.ini"), CSYNC_NOT_EXCLUDED);
assert_int_equal(check_file_traversal("Desktop.ini"), CSYNC_FILE_SILENTLY_EXCLUDED);

Is there any chance to have an influence on that to revert the decision?


Well, that's an open repository. You can join the discussion and make your case. ownCloud is an ever changing product, so who knows :wink:

Although, as far as I can understand this, the .ini file is only excluded in the root folder, not in the sub folders. Could that solve your issue?


Thanks, at the moment I can´t afford the time to join discussions with the dev´s about my concerns, unfotunately.

In the meanwhile I did some tests. The 2.4.x version defintely does not sync the desktop.ini file in root folder and neither in sub dir´s.

The only solultion that works for me at the moment, is to revert back to the previous 2.3.4 which works fine with syncing the desktop.ini´s.

EDIT: Tried the latest 2.5.0 from the daily testing releases today. This one does the job!
As you said before, the .ini is not being synced in root dir. But that´s not an important point. The more important is, that it is working in sub-dirs now.


Great news :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time and testing / writing the results here.