OC client build for ARM

Is there a current desktop client build for RASPI (Debian 10 ARM)? When using OBS, this should be possible, at least from the building perspective (I don’t know about any limitations for arm on the code-side )…

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@TheOneRing Do you know more perhaps?

Did you found a solution?

Here is an open ticket about it: ARM build · Issue #9979 · owncloud/client (github.com)

Debian itself offers builds for ARM (armhf and arm64).
But only for Debian 10 (buster, old-stable) and Debian 12 (bookworm, testing).

The current stable release of Debian is 11 (bullseye, stable).
But I was able to install ownCloud 2.5 client from Debian repo in Debian 11. It is described here: [Gelöst] arm64 ownCloud Client für Bullseye - debianforum.de

btw: As you can see in the Issue I linked to upstream itself doesn’t react very friendly about it.

This attitude is a reason more to migrate to nextCloud. My only reason to use ownCloud client is only because the server I am using isn’t still migrated (but it is planed).