OC Community 10.3.1 - Integrity check failed - "Directory name must not be empty"


I have an issue with freshly installed version of OC Community 10.3.1.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Login with to admin account
  2. Review the issues in “Administration” panel

Expected behaviour

I should be able to manage files with OC

Actual behaviour

I don’t see any option for managing files after login. The “Storage” section is empty.

The integrity check displays:

Directory name must not be empty.

Server configuration

Operating system: Linux (cannot check the exact distro or kernel version - shared hosting environment)

Web server: IdeaWebServer/v0.80

Database: Postgres

PHP version: 7.1

ownCloud version: 10.3.1

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: fresh install

Where did you install ownCloud from: From official tarball

Signing status (ownCloud 9.0 and above):

The content of config/config.php:

List of activated apps:

php71-cli occ app:list
App directory "/apps" not found! Please put the ownCloud apps folder in the ownCloud folder or the folder above. You can also configure the location in the config.php file.

Are you using external storage, if yes which one: no

Are you using encryption: no

Are you using an external user-backend, if yes which one: no

Client configuration

Browser: Google Chrome (latest)

Operating system: Windows 10


Web server error log

I don’t have access to web server err log

ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

{"reqId":"rcFQSrqfTRDXGcXrjtBq","level":3,"time":"2019-12-08T20:52:03+00:00","remoteAddr":"...","user":"--","app":"no app in context","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php","message":"User backend OC\\User\\Database is returning home: \/data\/admin_dz for user: admin_dz which differs from existing value: "}
{"reqId":"rHaj7HETACbFGSMsMPZt","level":2,"time":"2019-12-08T20:52:44+00:00","remoteAddr":"...","user":"--","app":"core","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/login?redirect_url=%252Findex.php%252Fapps%252Ffiles%252F","message":"Login failed: 'admin_dz' (Remote IP: '...')"}
{"reqId":"Pn1u5h8M2eAVfvsI8pZ9","level":2,"time":"2019-12-08T20:52:52+00:00","remoteAddr":"...","user":"--","app":"core","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/login?user=admin_dz&redirect_url=%252Findex.php%252Fapps%252Ffiles%252F","message":"Login failed: 'admin_dz' (Remote IP: '...')"}
{"reqId":"RMcOFzxQgIAGQfsExA1A","level":3,"time":"2019-12-08T20:53:49+00:00","remoteAddr":"...","user":"--","app":"core","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/lostpassword\/email","message":"Could not send reset email because there is no email address for this username. User: admin_dz"}
{"reqId":"m7wNP7Wpr1Qc9av3LTYQ","level":2,"time":"2019-12-08T20:56:12+00:00","remoteAddr":"...","user":"--","app":"core","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/login?user=admin_dz&redirect_url=%252Findex.php%252Fapps%252Ffiles%252F","message":"Login failed: 'admin_dz' (Remote IP: '...')"}

I had some issues on the first login but finally, I managed to log in successfuly.

Shared hosting environments are a very hairy thing. Depending on how they are set up, what modules they provide and what access you get in can work but it also can just not.

This message stands out the most to me right now.
When you unpack the ownCloud tarball there should be an apps folder in there.

Perhaps you can unpack the tarball again?

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